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Increasingly organisations recognise the importance of creating a work environment where all individuals feel valued, respected and supported. Yet, despite positive advancements in other crucial areas, many consistently overlook the needs of menstruators.

We believe workplaces in Aotearoa should be able to answer "yes" to these three questions:

1. Does your organisation provide consistent access to free or subsidised menstrual products in the workplace? 

2. Are managers equipped with the literacy and skills to have open and supportive conversations with employees about menstrual health and wellbeing? 

3. Does your organisation have policies or initiatives in place to accomodate employees who may need additional support during menstruation? 


In 2023, the CIPD surveyed over 2,000 women finding that 69% have experienced a negative impact at work while menstruating, rising to 81% in those with a diagnosed menstrual condition.

It also showed that: 

  • 79% of menstruators experience symptoms including abdominal cramps, fatigue, bloating, low mood and irritability 

  • 53% have been unable to go into work at some point due to menstruation symptoms 

  • 15% have a menstrual condition such as endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD and fibroids 

  • 49% never tell their manager their absence is related to issues with menstrual health 

  • Only 12% of respondents said their organisation provides support for menstruation and menstrual health.


We know that’s not deliberate.


Undoing the stigma and taboos surrounding menstruation, and normalising conversations is tough work – that’s one of the reasons The Period Place exists.


123 PERIOD! for Business is the starting point for this.  We have designed a range of campaign materials with different engagement levels across multiple platforms, enabling organisations to learn about menstrual health and equity in the way that suits them. 


Throughout May, we will be running a series of polls on LinkedIn that invite menstruators and menstrual allies to share their workplace menstrual health experiences.


The findings from the polls will be presented at the Menstrual Health is a Workplace Issue webinar, along with a discussion from our panel of experts on May 28 from 12pm.

Basic menstrual health literacy tools for the workplace.

We know employers come in all shapes and sizes (just like period products!) and vary in how they operate - but the starting line for every organisation to provide an environment that supports its team is the same. 


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Get serious about the menstrual health needs of your workforce.

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