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Be Period Positive: Reframe Your Thinking and Reshape the Future of Menstruation.


This informative, irreverent, and absorbing book covers all your period-related questions - why they're taboo (and needn't be) and how to navigate the whole bleeding thing, from first periods to fertility, euphemisms to uteruses, menstrual products to menopause.

Period Positive movement founder and menstrual researcher Chella Quint's answers are frank, funny, and fascinating.

Let's get period positive. It's about bloody time.

Be Period Positive

  • Customer views and reviews!

    Really enjoyed this book. Great for all age groups.

    I was so surprised at how good this book was. It’s a book that my 11 year old, my 14-year-old and even I can read and get something from. It goes from quite basic questions almost sequentially through to more complex questions and into things like menopause. It covers topics like myths, fertility, contraception and all sorts of really helpful, useful things in this one book.

    If you have a question, this book will tell you. It goes all the way from the beginning, to menopause and HRT. There are so many women, young and old that could benefit from this book, especially those who are at the beginning of their journey.

    Every person who menstruates needs this book, whether they are someone going through puberty, dealing with managing their fertility, or heading for menopause. Well written, engaging and informative, the short sections are jargon free and it's easy to find answers to specific questions.

    I got this with my 12y old daughter in mind and I'm very impressed. I had a good flick through before giving her it just to make sure it was suitable and even I learned new things. It's written in layman's terms so no technical jargon. Just good, honest facts. Very useful.

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