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Lucy Peach is a performing artist, menstrual coach, speaker and consultant, working with individuals, schools and corporations to empower through menstrual education. She has worked as a human biology teacher and sexual health educator and has a Bachelor of Science in human biology and biomedicine with Honours in medicine, and a Graduate Diploma of Education in human biology. Visit for more information.

Period Queen


    Customer views and reviews!

    I wish I knew any of this information at a younger age... I love the approach and empowerment angle that the author takes. I finally feel like I am not at the mercy of my cycle. Thank you!

    Everyone should read this book, male or female. Changed my life, I now celebrate being a woman and also have learnt to work with what is dealt!

    This book is amazing, it’s seriously a must read for anyone who has or will have a menstrual cycle. I saw Lucy’s ‘Greatest Period Ever’ show a couple of years ago, and found the concepts so enlightening and useful. I thought I knew a fair bit about female hormones, periods, and fertility, but the idea of harnessing our natural cycles to optimize our lives was something I’d never considered.

    Bought for teenage daughters, I also learned things! I wish I'd had this book as a young woman. Very Aus in tone, which is very likeable. A positive way of looking at our amazing cycle.

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