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Welcome to Your Period: Your easy, no-silly-questions guide to handling it like a boss.


Getting your period for the first time can be mortifying, weird and messy – and asking questions about it can feel even worse.


But it doesn’t have to be like that!


This little book is packed with honest advice on all the things you need to know: from what cramps feel like to whether you can feel it coming out, to what you should do if your pad leaks onto your clothes. 

Welcome To Your Period includes case studies, first-person accounts and questions from real teens (and answers from real experts – us!) so you can manage your period like a boss.

Welcome to your Period

  • Winner of the 2020 ABIA Book of the Year for Older Children.

    Longlisted for the 2020 ABDA Best Designed Children's Non-Fiction.

    Highly Recommended. Girls and women of any age will finish this book feeling empowered. This is a must-have for any library serving young women on the verge of puberty.

    Latham’s illustrations are colorful and fun and reflect girls from all different cultural backgrounds, body shapes and sizes, skin colors, and ages.

    Their candid writing style normalizes the menstrual cycle.

    This is the book that I needed as a young girl! This title answers questions about the menstrual cycle that I did not even know to ask and presents answers in a fun, casual, and informative style. In the beginning, the authors invite readers to either read the book straight through or dip into the sections that answer specific questions by following the detailed table of contents. 

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