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You Can Have a Better Period: A Practical Guide to Pain-free and Calmer Periods.


A practical guide to understanding your cycle and balancing your hormones with nutrition and yoga, for a calm and pain-free period. Written by Le’Nise Brothers, a nutritional therapist, yoga teacher and popular women’s health, hormone and wellbeing coach. 

You Can Have A Better Period is a straight-talking resource to help women understand their  menstrual cycles and finally get answers to questions such as: “why am I so moody right before my period?”, “are periods supposed to be so painful?”, “why is my period so heavy?”, “is it normal to get headaches right before my period?”

Le'Nise Brothers takes us through each phase of our cycle, including a clear programme of nutrition and lifestyle changes. The book explains which supplements work and the key stress management habits we can implement, to bring long-lasting and sustainable changes to our hormonal balance and menstrual health. 



You Can Have A Better Period

  • Customer views and reviews!

    Every person with a period should buy this book! It's filled with so much useful info on the entirety of the menstrual cycle. it debunks many myths and gives so much helpful tips pertaining to every phase of the overall cycle. I wish I knew about this book sooner. everyone take power into your own hands and buy this book!

    I really recommend this book! The chapters are very well structured and it's given me good tips on how I can have a better menstrual cycle.

    I’m halfway through this amazing book and I’m so proud of you Le'Nise Brothers for writing this gem! Even though I’m pass the menstruation stage and well into menopause, I’m finding a wealth of practical and helpful insights that I can apply to myself. These include nutritional facts, what and what not to eat, exercise suggestions, delicious recipes and a window into other women’s stories. This informative book is very easy to understand and navigate. I highly recommend it to every female, whether you’re in the menstruation, peri menopause or menopause stage.

    Knowledge is power! This book offers the knowledge that gives us back our power. Thank you, Le'Nise. Highly recommend!

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